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Contact: Dom Fernandes
Address: 26A Walker Road Carver, MA, 02330
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About Us
Our commitment at Fresh Meadows Farm is to provide the highest quality fresh organic cranberries to our customers each season. This commitment extends through all aspects of the operation. We take great care in the production, transportation, sorting, and packing to attempt to reach this goal each year and to ensure the full integrity of the organic process.
After a three-year transition to organic certification, Fresh Meadows Farm was formed in 2008. Despite the many challenges facing us over the years, we are proud to have not only remained viable but have expanded our operation. Growing organic cranberries here in southeastern Massachusetts presents many challenges. Very few organic cranberry acres exist here in the state. The majority of the organic cranberries available in the U.S. market today are imported from Canada, where pest challenges are much lower due mostly to colder growing conditions. These imports consist of mostly higher producing hybrid varieties. Our strategy at Fresh Meadows Farm has been to grow only heirloom varieties, which we feel are better suited to organic production in this region. Our varieties consist of the smaller Early Black and Howe varieties. These varieties of cranberry vines are two of southeastern Massachusetts’ few remaining heirloom varieties grown commercially today. Although fungal, insect, and weed pressures cannot be completely controlled organically, they must be held in check for us to remain viable. With organic production, we need to take a more macro approach to pest and nutrient management. A pest balance and long-term soil stability must be maintained. Traditional cultural controls such as floods and sanding are used more frequently. Our water source must be free of any residues and contaminants and is tested regularly.

Our organic certifying agent is Baystate Organic Certifiers. We are also certified by Commonwealth Quality for food safety.