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Emergence Gardens
Address: 87 Rockland Street Dartmouth , MA, 02748
Phone: 774-473-9402
About Us
Emergence Gardens is a micro-local farmstand and market garden with an emphasis on demystifying gardening and encouraging more people to start and maintain their own home gardens, building an interconnected network of home gardeners who together make a real impact on food security and sovereignty. Started in January of 2022 by Brooke Werley, Emergence Gardens offers garden starts, seed starting supplies and fresh produce grown without the use of herbicides or pesticides and using organic products and practices. Brooke also offers group and individual gardening coaching and mentorship as well as other services.

The farmstand is located at 93 Prospect Street in South Dartmouth and the produce and starts are grown on sight and at the DNRT portion of Helfand Farm.

You can learn more and get free gardening resources at