American Vinegar Works*
City: Worcester, MA,
About Us
Coastal Foodshed is proud to offer American Vinegar Works products on their behalf. Please read the following excerpt from their website:

Great Vinegar Drives Us
We make great vinegar because we love to use great vinegar. We are artisanal makers dedicated exclusively to the small batch fermentation of vinegars that enhance cooking and cocktails.

We are living in a renaissance of incredible American craft fermentation. Throughout the country we are fortunate to find exciting and authentic options for beer, cider, sake, and wine. And yet for quality American vinegars there are barely any options and we are left to make do with mass-produced products, subpar imports or caramel-added balsamics. We asked ourselves why should vinegar – something that changes our very experience of food and beverages – be ignored?

American Vinegar Works is our answer and shows what a thoughtfully made vinegar can be. Our novel approach combines traditional techniques with a forward-looking vision to produce unique vinegars that transform our cooking and our cocktails.

We Start With Great Ingredients
Alcohol is the base ingredient for all high quality vinegars. The better the base alcohol, the better the vinegar. Because of this, we do our best to select only American wines, beers and ciders that reflect regional taste profiles and emphasize quality. We spend the time to find ingredients that inspire us, and you can taste the difference.

And Focus on Great Craft
Modern vinegar production has come a long way. In our opinion, it has come a little too far. Even ‘premium’ labeled vinegars are often produced at an industrial scale that short-cuts the fermentation process to hours instead of the needed months or years. While the bottle may be pretty, often the end result is a one-note vinegar lacking depth of flavor and overwhelmingly acidic.

We have gone a different way. We have embraced the value of time and revived a production method from the early 1800s to create vinegars that are naturally fermented and deliver complex flavors. All of our vinegars are produced, aged and bottled by us in our vinegar works here in the Bay State. No outsourcing, no co-packing, no short cuts. It takes more effort, it takes more time… but the results are brilliant.

We hope you will enjoy our vinegars as much as we do.